Easy-Forex™ 是目前在国际上受监管最严格的外汇交易平台。受美国,欧盟,澳大利亚,英国同时监管。

美国NFA全国期货协会 监管号码为 0358754      http://www.nfa.futures.org

Easy-Forex 是美国期货协会(NFA)注册号为0358754的注册会员。作为该协会的会员之一。我们始终遵守由美国期货协会所推行的严格的财务报告和资本充足度方面的标准,并随时按要求向商品期货委员会及美国期货协会上交财务报告。美国规则架构是全球外汇投资人的最佳保护管道。您可以通过NFA的官方网站查询交易商的背景资料,如果公司有违规操作,将受到严重处罚或起诉,甚至吊销牌照。Easy-Forex自2001年营业以来,一直保持着良好记录。

Easy-Forex is a registered member of National Futures Association with its registration number 0358754. As one of members, we always strictly follow the stringent financial reporting and capital adequacy standard launched by National Futures Association and also is readily available to submit financial report to Commodity Futures Trading Commission and National Futures Association as required. USA Rules Framework is the best protection channel for foreign exchange investors from all over the world. You may check background information of dealers by logging onto NFA website. In case of non-compliant operations by company, such company will be punished seriously or sued or even suspended. Easy-Forex has been maintaining good records since 2001.

澳大利亚ASIC证券投资委会 监管号码为 107184510 http://www.asic.gov.au

Easy-Forex 澳洲是在澳大利亚证券投资管理委员会(ASIC)正式注册,并受其严格监管的正规公司。其注册号码为107184510。作为该协会的会员之一,公司始终遵守由ASIC所推行的严格的财务报告和资本充足度方面的标准,并按要求向ASIC上交财务报告并随时接受监管部门的审计。公司所有业务严格遵守法律规章的规定,不得进行任何有可能损害客户利益的行为。

Easy-Forex Australia is a legal company which is officially registered (registration number 107184510) in Australia Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and operates subject to its strict supervision. As one of members, our company always strictly follows the stringent financial reporting and capital adequacy standard stipulated by ASIC and submits the financial report as required by ASIC and also accepts auditing carried out by competent department upon request. The company always operates the business in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, without harming any benefits of customers.

欧盟CYSEC国家政府监管 监管号码为 079/07 http://www.cysec.gov.cy

英国FSA金融服务管理局 监管号码为 471938 http://www.fsa.gov.uk

USA NFA 0358754
EU CySEC 079/07
ACN 107 184 510
FSA 471938
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Easy-Forex™ 是目前在国际上受监管最多的外汇交易平台美国欧盟澳大利亚,英国同时监管。